Are You Prepared To Unplug?

unplug_page_logoASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT & BE PREPARED TO GET IT – Maya Angelou


When I woke up this morning, I had NO IDEA these eleven words would inspire me in such a huge way.

How I Landed My Dream Job, was born during a time in my life where I needed encouragement, but was too afraid to ask for it. So I created a platform where I was able to invite others to share their experiences with not only, my readers, but for ME – I was new unemployed.  While I’m normally the one that’s inspiring others, I wanted to hear and share another person’s journey  to understand that every experience in your life – trail or triumph, happens in seasons. While we’re all looking for the triumph, it’s in the midst of the trails that we grow and learn new experiences, or forced teachings as I like to call them.

Finding, landing, or creating your dream job won’t happen overnight. My question is, ARE YOU REALLY PREPARED? If opportunity showed up right now, literally RIGHT NOW… would you be ready? What steps are you taking every day to prepare you for YOUR future ahead?

While, I love social media I firmly believe you have to log out and log into bettering you, your goals to strengthen your craft. REMEMBER: 500 Likes Equal 0 Dollars.

Our generation will sit in their comfort zone on Instagram all posting a perception with images and quotes, but no one is actually out doing any work creating or reshaping culture.  – Marquis Phifer

I’m encouraging everyone reading this to unplug from your devices and challenge yourself to find the answer to these two questions:


Twenty4 things I’ve learned thus far. . .



I’m  turning Twenty5 this year! You know the year where everything in life is suppose to “come together.” Twenty5 is the year society says I should be married or at least engaged. I “should” have my WHOLE life figured out by now.

While majority of my peers are freaking out about turning Twenty5, and entering the “quarter-life” crisis. I’m ready to celebrate this confusing, yet exhilarating time of my life. I’ve never been happier!

We know the beginning of the year is a time of reflecting, planning, and preparation. As I reflect on where I’m headed and the blessing that 2013 was for me.

Allow me to share Twenty4 of the greatest lessons, experiences, and advice I’ve learned this far….

  1. Project where you want to be, not where people expect you to be. 
  2. “Life happens in seasons so something grows…” – Shaun King, Founder of 100 Life Goals. While this is the most recent thing I’ve learned it REALLY hit home. I am truly thankful for the seasons in my life and the ability to know that everything I go through is bigger than me. Instead of complaining when things are confusing, I ask God to give me understanding so I leave each season wiser than when I entered.
  3. Get what you need and MOVE ONE!  Nothing is final. Every experience prepares us for what’s next. If you don’t like where you are right now, move. You are not a tree. Treat everything as business, nothing personal. Try to gain skills, transferable skills  that make you a better employer, friend, and/or partner. I worked a job I HATED for six months. While I’ll never work that job function again, I did  meet some amazing people and I took away project management skills. I gained what I needed and moved on to something that fueled my passion.
  4. Be Passionate. Be passionate or be nothing at all.  Whether its work, school, or building a brand when you genuinely work hard for something you love, people notice. Passion fuels everything. Mold your career around your lifestyle not the other way around.
  5. Open Happiness. YES this a Coca-Cola reference. It reigns true to my heart. If you don’t enjoy where you are or what you do you’ll never be good at it. For me success is measured by happiness.
  6. Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.  
  7. READ. Pick up a book; Join a book club… I suggest you get on Instagram and search the hashtag #myleikbookshare. Great place to start.
  8. Travel. This year my friends and I committed to putting at least $20 a paycheck into jars with different cities we want to visit this year. There’s so much to see and do. This article highlights 20 cities to see during your 20s.
  9. Get Involved. Take advantage of social media –, Twitter, Facebook, EventBrite find out what’s happening in your city. Network your net worth.
  10. Believe in yourself, or no one else will.
  11. Write. Make list. Write down your goals. Post them everywhere for affirmation. Keeping thoughts and ideas in your head is not enough.
  12. Form your TRIBE! Check out this post on how to identify and form your tribe.
  13. It’s OKAY to be selfish. This should’ve been number one. #Selfish20s
  14. Find a mentor. There are so many ways to find a mentor. Social media makes it easier. is a great one.
  15. You Are Awesome. Be Awesome.
  16. Patience…
  17. Faith in God means Faith in his timing.
  18. Create. People always talk about the need to be in a larger city to do and/or experience this or that. Create what you wish existed.
  19. Tune everyone out…including YOUR MOTHER!
  20. Leave the past where it is. Spaceships don’t come equipped with rearviews.
  21. Never Be Satisfied. I had to learn that this is okay. I’m never satisfied, and I’m finally okay with always wanting and striving for more.
  22. Don’t give up what you want the most for what you want right now.
  23. Start a blog. Writing is so liberating. Find a topic and just write about it. You never know where it may lead.
  24. Take Risks. If you don’t like where you are…move. Take that leap and your wings will form on your way down.

My Dream Job: Solange Knowles| Art Director & Creative Consultant at Puma

photo 1



Solange continues to prove that she’s more than just Beyonce’s little sister. We love Solange for her unique fashion sense, voice, and her amazing hair! She’s so versatile. So you can imagine my excitement when Solange was announced the newest member of #TeamPuma. 

Solange joins Puma as the  Art Director and Creative Consultant.  We’ve seen Solo’s creativity and direction with her own music projects in the past. My commitment to dreams and the beauty that unfolds when you continue to reach for what you want  made it easy to share Solange’s excitement. As Art Director Solange will  be involved with concepting, designing, and the execution of special content, ad campaigns, events. You Go Girl!

February 2014 be on the look out for a pair of sneakers from the  Girls of Blaze Disc collection. Solange landed her dream job. This goes to show that you’re never to young or old to fulfill your dreams. Don’t think that because you started on a particular path that you’re stuck. Although music and fashion tend to go hand in hand, Solange and her new role with Puma shows us how rewarding it is to be disciplined and focus. I remember when Solange took a break from the limelight, to enjoy mommy-hood and really focus on herself. Everyone thought she had fallen off, but she came back better than before. Funny how life works, if we take the time to follow and focus and stay faithful all the desires of our hearts become available… hope you’re ready for it.


Congratulations Solange, we’re excited for your new journey.

Ready, Set, Pitch: How To Master Your Elevator Pitch

The elevator opens and “Opportunity” walks in. It’s the chance of a lifetime. But that chance only lasts as long as the elevator ride – you have less than a minute to make an impression.

Always be prepared.

How do you explain yourself, your goals, your business, your passions? The things only YOU know.

A good pitch takes practice. It’s quick, on the spot, and full of pressure. Are you ready? If the one person you needed to convince gave you ONE MINUTE, could you keep their attention, could you keep them wanting more?

It’s not just what you say but how you say it.

Here are a few tips to help you master your pitch.

Elevator Pitch Builder

  • Describe Who You Are – Pitch yourself, not your ideas
    • Keep it short
    • What do you want the listener to remember about you?
  • Describe What You Do
    • State your value. Allow your listener to understand how you add value.
  • Describe What Makes You Unique
    • Your listener wants to know what you do better than others and how it can benefit their business.
  • Describe Your Goal
    • Your goals should be concrete and realistic

Average Pitch Stats: 231 Words, 56 sec Pitch Length, 4 Repeated Words

If you need more help here are few websites to reference:


Time is the most valuable thing that YOU have. Treat it as such!

“You Are Raping My Time,” if anyone reading this attended College with me, you may remember these words from my favorite JCSU Professor, Michelle Horton. I don’t think I FULLY understood what she meant until now!

We all get 24hours a day, what you do with it separates you from success or failure.

In college, we could think of a million things better to do than to sit in a 50min course, learning. While we’ve all had that feeling, at least once. Isn’t the point of school, to learn? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

We never, ever consider how our professors feel when we come to class unprepared, lazy, or just unwilling to learn. Imagine putting the time into a big presentation, writing 20 page paper, or group project only to have your professor, boss, or teammates not show up, collect the work, or not be present for the presentation.

People value their time differently. Yet, we all can agree no matter you value your time, you don’t want it wasted.

” an hour in which our mind is sparkling and sharp, and coming up with brilliant ideas and insights, is usually more valuable to us than an hour in which we feel lethargic, dull-minded, or barely moping through life,” (Forbes).

It’s important to be more aware of how you spend your time. The more aware you are the better you are able to account for your progress and really measure your accomplishments. I know that’s easier said than done. Time escapes you when you’re focused or working hard at something because you’re not watching the clock.

One way to make sure you’re aware of your time is to figure out what you want from life. Ask yourself questions (i.e. Why did I come to work? Why did I spend all this money for school? Why did I apply for this internship? etc.,) If we aren’t clear on where we’re headed in life or why we do the things we do, everything just seems pointless.

What is the point of your efforts? Only you can answer that. When you don’t know where your headed, then is all headed in the same place…nowhere (Forbes). If you are clear about what the point of it all is, then you will become  more obsessed with spending your time doing the things that service that point.




Time is the most valuable thing that YOU have. Treat it as such!

My Dream Job: Meet Myleik Teele| Founder & Chief Experience Officer at curlBOX

photo 4Who would’ve thought one little, BIG Box would send women, children, and yes even men on a frenzy month after month hoping for a shot at the hottest subscription list in the Hair Industry?

curlBOX is an affordable, Exclusive and effortless  way to explore new hair products. You can discover hand-selected curly hair products delivered to your doorstep every month.

In other words, curlBOX is every Product Junkie’s dream! No longer will be embarrassed by the amount of product (used and unused) living under our Bathroom sinks.

I know you’re wondering, just like I was, who is the mastermind behind curlBox. Well, I introduce to you the fabulous, bold, humble Myleik Teele. Myleik, Founder and CEO (Chief Experience Officer as she calls it). I met Myleik this past summer during The Brunch with Eden series, by Eden Body Works in Charlotte, NC and I immediately fell in love. She’s the perfect “Bestfriend In My Head” to anyone who follows her on Twitter and/or Instagram.

Enter Myleik’s BOX, find out how she landed her dream job:

HILMDJ: What Was Your Initial Career Goal? Has that changed from what you are currently doing?

Myleik: I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur from the time I got a full understanding of what a “job” was.  I didn’t really know what that “career” was going to be … consulting perhaps?  I like beautiful things, I love art, I love beauty … I’m interested in black women and how we feel about ourselves through media.  My job as the founder & CEO of curlBOX allows me to do all of the things that I love to do.  I worked in a hair salon in college, I love hair.  I’ve worked at the MAC counter, Lancome, Clinique and was even a freelance makeup artist and worked on photo shoots with brands as big as GAP and Always.  I spent a great deal of time working in public relations, I’d even say that I worked at the “top” entertainment PR firm at the time, BWR Public Relations.  I spent time working at companies that I love so that I could eventually have a company that I loved

photo 3 (1)HILMDJ: What Advice Would You Give Others Looking To Achieve Ultimate Career Happiness?

Myleik: Pick something that you really love (even if others will think its silly).  I used to give my friends hair products every time they came to my house before I even started curlBOX.  To this day, my friends come over and want to know what products I’m really into.  I’m deeply invested and genuinely LOVE what I do.  If you are doing it for money, you will never be fulfilled but when you are working from the heart, you absolutely will be.

I always tell young people (20s) to honor the process.  You HAVE to start somewhere.  You are not going to be the CEO right away … I am good leader because I was a good follower.  Working at some of these amazing companies will prepare you professionally and personally for the next step.  It’s similar to grade school … 1st grade prepares you for 2nd and so on.  If you’re the assistant today, be the best damn assistant your company has EVER seen.  Go in early, stay late, offer suggestions … I always say I’d rather have to pull someone back then have to push them every day. 

HILMDJ: What Keeps Myleik Grounded?

Myleik: I am grounded because I know what it feels like to have nothing.  No matter how much money I had, I always made sure to do things that made me happy … A nice candle, a good dinner … maybe a massage.  I’ve never felt like my life belonged to me, I have always felt like my purpose is to serve (by sharing).  Everything that I do is from the space of service.  I’m lucky because I get to put a smile on someone’s face once a month … I get to help the solve a problem with their hair … My hope is that women feel beautiful a lot sooner than I did.

Thanks Myleik, you truly are an amazing role model.

To stay connected with Myleik, be sure to follow her on Twitter: @Myleik.

If you want more information on curlBox and/or how to get on the list for January visit and be sure to stay connected with curlBOX on Twitter.

photo 1

this is How Myleik Landed Her Dream Job, she created it!

Coffee is for Closers

After watching Alec Baldwin perform this scene over and over again, I finally understood what he meant. Coffee Is for Closers, meaning you don’t rest until you close the deal. Nowadays we use the word “Grinding” too loosely. We’re more in love with the idea of hard work, than actually working hard to get what we want.  Nothing worth having comes easy!

I learned the essence of hard work during my college years. I didn’t have the best college experience for MANY reasons (this isn’t the time or place) but I did gain life skills. I worked my ass off! While maintaining a 3.6 GPA, I successfully completed 12 internships during my undergraduate career.

While participating in summits, internships, and fellowships with other students from around the country, I realized that I wasn’t in competition with the students I went to school with. I was competing with EVERY student in the world who graduated May 2011 with a career interest in Marketing/Advertising. That’s where my dedication and determination to be successful took off.

Everyone’s moment will be different, and you must realize no matter how much one person might motivate you, they can’t give you ambition. Ambition comes from within. You either have it or you’ll be watching someone who has it live out their dreams. You have to come into your own…

“Those who want success should think like a planter. They should understand that having the right seed is an essential key to success, but they must also understand that the soil that they entrust to the seed is just as vital… Can you honestly say the environment(s) you are in will yield the kind of harvest you are expecting?” – Eric Thomas

Coffee is for closers.                                                               

Success doesn’t sleep, are you awake?

The Hunt: My Story

Maya J Hicks:

Landing your dream job is one of the greatest feelings ever. The more and more I highlight individuals embarking upon success, I hope it motivates you to seize every opportunity. Every Moment Matters!

Find out how Erica Hilton stayed patient, never settled, and ended up getting an awesome jumpstart to her Career, in the industry of her choice.


I decided to Re-Blog this update from Erica because I want my followers to journey with her as well.  I hope that while you’re on your path to finding, conquering living out your dreams remember to Be Courageous, Persistent, Curious, and Open Minded.

“I don’t believe there’s a set formula for success. However, I do believe that there are a few equations that will bring you closer to the finish line.”

Join us as we congratulate Erica, “The Hunt” is over!

Originally posted on Erica Nicole Hilton:

The day that I received my job offer (my #1 pick might I add!), I was talking with a friend about how I couldn’t believe that my job hunt was actually over. In the end, I earned two job offers! No more applications! No more interviews! No more waiting! What a relief!!

My 4-month journey for not just any job, but the perfect job for me was nothing like I imagined. It wasn’t just hard; it was way more than that. It took a lot of creativity, networkingand advice from mentors and people who were in my position not too long ago. Let me not forget to mention a whole lot of praying! Throughout my entire search, I was still interning full time. It was exhausting, but somehow I was able to do it. My friend suggested that I share my experience with you on my blog. Not because in the end I…

View original 92 more words

My Dream Job: Meet Kéla Walker | NY Emmy Nominated TV Host & Award Winning Producer

Kelaskloset-abstract-leopard-dress-and-orange-blazer-07With style and grace, Kéla Walker, a small town girl from North Carolina is making BIG Girl moves in The Big Apple. The Emmy nominated TV Host/Producer has a special place in my heart. I met Kéla in April of this year. Prior to meeting her, I admired her determination, her success, and her personality via Twitter for quite some time. I knew that us meeting would not be in vain. Aside from being an amazing TV/Red Carpet Host, Style Suite Contributor for Black Enterprise, and a Fashion Blogger; she has a big heart

Enter Kéla ‘s Kloset, find out how she Landed Her Dream Job:

HILMDJ: What Was Your Initial Career Goal? How has that changed from what you are currently doing?

Kéla : Initially, it was my desire to be a daytime producer and work on talk shows and maybe soap operas. Good thing I didn’t take the soap opera route considering they are all long gone with the exception of one. I started off producing original programming for a local NYC network and then the hosting thing fell in my lap. I was reluctant at first but as I was required to do it more and more, I grew to love and embrace it. Now I realize it’s a skill and a blessing that I’m so thankful for. It has been a great way for me to engage with a wide variety of people and to provide a good image of black women in media for younger generations.

HILMDJ: How Did You Get Started?

Kéla : In highschool, I knew I wanted to do something different and nontraditional, if you will. In my senior year of high school the idea of television came to me and got me thinking about that career field. I ended up attending a university that did not have a television or media program so I made up for it in other ways. I interned during the summer at various television networks and applied for programs that catered to the craft. Ultimately, it was my knowledge outside of the classroom that helped me get my foot in the door which speaks to the nature of this business n that its important to be knowledgeable and have insight to multiple things.

HILMDJ: What tips or advice would you give to individuals looking to break into this industry?

Kéla: It sounds so cliche but do what you love. Have a clear goal of what that is and go after it.

You hear people say all the time that hard work got them where they are and it’s so true. The hosting thing fell in my lap but it’s the hard work that kept it there and gained me an Emmy nomination shortly there after. Do what you love and look for opportunities to get paid for it. If you don’t see the opportunities, create them.

HILMDJ: What keeps Kéla grounded?

Kéla: I feel extremely blessed to be living and working my dream job. I’m just a girl from a small town in North Carolina that dared to dream for a job in television and my career is a testimony that God’s dreams for you are so much bigger than you can ever imagine. How can I not be grounded with HIS favor and grace. I’m just so thankful

My mother used to tell me “never be satisfied, once you get satisfied you will never strive for anything more”. Needless to say I’m constantly striving for more. I love the phrase “Stay ready so you can be ready”. It’s the truest thing to live and work by. When opportunity knocks, you want to make sure can open that door and be ready to receive all that it has to offer.

Kéla, you’ve definitely inspired me to continue to strive and run after my dreams.

To keep up with Kéla and all of her Red Carpet interviews, visit or follow her on Twitter @KelaWalker

Also, be sure to enter Kéla’s Kloset by visiting, get the inside scoop on her Wardrobe, Fashion Hauls, and you don’t want to miss out on her awesome Product Giveaways

.Kela and Whoopi

…this is How Kéla Landed Her Dream Job!

My Dream Job | Meet Denise “Nikki Panache” Gregory, The Female Haberdasher

A Haberdasher is a dealer in men’s fashion, well Nikki Panache is a female dealer. The Blogger/Bow Tie Designer who’s love her writing has her excited to begin Law School next fall.

“My initial goal was to move to NYC and become a journalist,” explains Nikki. Freelancer by day, Designer by night. Nikki started out designing bow ties as a hobby, and then she turned her hobby into a profit, a very stylish profit.

“This started out as a small gesture that grew into a business all in a matter of months. I love it because I can pour my creative energy into my bow ties. It nurtures the visual arts me. I consider my ties to be small works of fashionable art,” Nikki explains how she got started making bow ties, “the favor that paid.”

Nikki on achieving ultimate career happiness, “I’ve not yet arrived to the moment of complete transparency especially with sharing the stories that have helped shaped me into a writer, an independent thinker, and a courageous spirit. While I’ve shared some, there’s still so much I continue to guard. Yet I know that once I relinquish those stories that I’ve reached MY ultimate career happiness. Ultimate career happiness varies from person-to-person and can be determined when evaluating personal growth. It depends on the person and what really makes them happy. It’s truly personal even though it relates to a professional career.”

To learn more about Nikki Panache and her journey toward career happiness check out her blog or follow her on Twitter @NikkiPanache

If you want to purchase some of her stylish bow ties (men and women) check out her designs @FemaleHaberdash. Learn how to get your custom bow tie’s here

I’m happy to announce The Female Haberdasher will be giving away a bow tie to one lucky reader. Be sure to subscribe to, you don’t want to miss out. Details on this give away will come at a later date.

This is how Nikki Panache created her Dream Job!